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Our Team

“I am incredibly fortunate to be working with such incredible individuals. Each member brings a diverse, unique perspective that is so refreshing, and a reflection of chapter." - Quinn Saito, Vice President of Marketing



Mackenzie Kyle

A senior Accounting major and veteran BLC member, Mackie provides support and invaluable knowledge to the team. She is the current VP of Finance who seeks to gain more analytical knowledge from this experience.


Freda Feng

Our current Design and Apparel Committee Chair Freda Feng also serves on BLC, and hopes to gain real-life business experience. As an Apparel Merchandising major, Freda has also served as an Uncertified Senator for ASWSU.


Adarrah Opachan

Adarrah is a senior Business Management major who will be attending law school after graduation. Throughout her time at WSU she has been involved in a number of organizations, including the Student Book Corporation, Organizing for Action Fellowship, and the International Business Club.


Lucas Thomson

As a mechanical engineering major, Lucas brings a valued different perspective to BLC. He is looking to gain business knowledge from BLC that he can apply to his own major.


Beta Lambda Consulting Alumni 

Rebecca Looi, Spring 2017

Yvette Meza, Spring 2017

Olivia Maund, Spring 2017

Vic Nordstrom, Spring 2017

Derrick Omburo, Spring 2017

Felix Humay, VP Marketing Fall 2015 - Spring 2016


Andrew Zou, Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

Katie Whitten, Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

Nod McFall, VP Marketing Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

Nahtasha Shook, VP Marketing Fall 2016 - Spring 2017