Our Team

"Every member of Beta Lambda Consulting is a volunteer who has taken the initiative to go beyond the demands of their busy student lives. They hold positions in other organizations, heavily involve themselves in campus life, and are upstanding examples of the brotherhood of the Beta Lambda Chapter. I am proud to serve among them, as it feels like they are leading me, instead of the other way around." - Nod McFall, Vice President of Marketing


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Katie Whitten

A member of Pi Beta Phi, the senior from Leavenworth, WA provides leadership and guidance for Beta Lambda Consulting while maintaining leadership positions in other organizations. She is the lead on Hot Coug.

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Mackenzie Kyle

Kyle previously held positions at Starbucks and Safeway as an Assistant Manager, and provides the Consulting firm with financial insights which are irreplaceable when budgeting for client business expenses. 

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Nahtasha Shook

Brother Shook is one of the most experienced members of the Beta Lambda Chapter, and her efforts are invaluable to the success of the group. One of her latest chapter-affiliated projects is the university event CougTalk, which will host its inaugural date in April 2018.


Andrew Zou

The President of the Beta Lambda Chapter also lends his talents to the Consulting service, in addition to his role as President of the Bookie, contributing his experience with the Boeing Scholars Program to the mix.


Beta Lambda Consulting Alumni 

Rebecca Looi, Spring 2017

Yvette Meza, Spring 2017

Olivia Maund, 

Vic Nordstrom, 

Derrick Omburo

Felix Humay, VP Marketing Fall 2015 - Spring 2016